Saga del libros «Tale of the Godless»

Saga del libros Tale of the GodlessSara Ferrando Estarlich (2004) es una autora española que principalmente escribe fantasía, combinándola con otros géneros como distopía y ciencia ficción. Sus libros son disfrutados por personas de todas las edades y transmiten importantes mensajes de esperanza y aceptación.

Entre sus obras anteriores se incluyen «Afterlife» (2020), su primera novela, así como «House of Cards» (2021), el primer libro de la trilogía Tale of the Godless, y «Lost Princess» (2022), el segundo libro de esa misma trilogía

House of Cards: Tale of the Godless (Book One)

After a great cataclysm shook the foundations of modern society and caused it to crumble, the survivors scrambled to rebuild it.

Seven thousand years later, Alice stirs in her hospital bed, with little to no memory of her past. The tale begins here, where the gears of time start to turn. The clock is ticking, and although Alice is none the wiser, she will be the key to cut the strings of fate and end this broken, endless waltz.

Alice is a young teen living in what are simply known as «the Facilities», located in the center of Europe. But when a so-called work incident makes her lose her memory, she suddenly starts to question the values of her society, wondering if the Facilities really are the only safe place on Earth. The pills doctors gave her, the evidence of a missing older sister that nobody seems to be looking for, a job they told her she used to have, on top of latent fire magic she isn’t supposed to possess… Alice must unravel the truth about her life and confront the supreme leader of the Facilities if she wants to follow the leads and find her sister.

Lost Princess: Tale of the Godless (Book Two)

The sands of time know not of oblivion; a connection forged under the desert sun is not so easily forgotten.

It’s been two years, and Alice thinks she should be allowed to attend international negotiations with Victoria. What could possibly go wrong?

Turns out the Empire of Zerzura is starkly different to her home country. However, Alice’s frown over not being let into the meeting room soon turns upside down when she meets a certain haunting beauty; the catalyst of incoming doom amid desert dunes.

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